Professional Profile

Paul KnightMr. Knight graduated from USC Gould School of Law in 1977. He has held the following positions during his legal career:

Associate attorney: Kroloff, Belcher, Smart Perry and Christopherson (Stockton,California) specializing in civil litigation, corporate transactional work and family law;
Associate Attorney: Adams and Philipps (San Francisco, California) specializing in surety and construction litigation;
Partner: Graham, Knight, Cone and Mckinney (Mendocino, California) specializing in civil litigation, corporate, business and real estate law;
Partner: Mullikin, Larson and Swift (Jackson Hole, Wyoming) specializing in civil litigation and business transactional law.

In early 2011, Mr. Knight decided to work solo and focus on providing affordable legal services  to individuals. The bulk of his practice now centers on helping people in financial difficulty by dealing with debt and credit law and bankruptcy.